Together we can build a better future.

The lack of participation and equity within the construction and project management industry is profound. Urgent change around resourcing, education, opportunities and is needed. PurePM is committed to doing our part to spark change within our own firm and the industry at large.

Our Community Engagement

PurePM’s mission is to develop, promote and manage a work culture that values diversity, inclusion, and equity beyond the organization and into the network of stakeholders we partner with to perform at our highest potential. PurePM will champion fair and just treatment of historically disadvantaged populations through greater access and advocacy.We don’t want to just build projects and buildings.  We want to build generational progress.  Our goal is to help break down those barriers and provide mentorship and guidance to those less fortunate, just as the fortunate have provided to us.  Hopefully, our efforts will inspire others to do the same.

ACE Tournament

ACE Mentor Program of Greater Philadelphia, a local chapter of a national non-profit, engages high school students in the construction industry through mentorship, scholarships, and grants. PurePM proudly supports ACE through its annual Giant Jenga Tournament, a fundraising event benefiting the ACE Mentor Program. This event not only contributes to the program’s success but also serves as a valuable networking opportunity for our team members.

Office Cleanups​

Community is a core value at PurePM. Located in the Port Richmond neighborhood of Philadelphia, we take pride in maintaining a clean and welcoming environment for our neighbors. Our team regularly organizes cleanup events to ensure the area around our office stays tidy and inviting.


PurePM proudly partners with the Tampa-based non-profit organization Onbikes. OnBikes builds stronger, healthier, and more equitable communities by ensuring every child can experience the simple yet profound gift of a bicycle. Since 2011, the organization has provided over 10,000 bikes to children and families in need. PurePM supports Onbikes’s mission by participating in community bike-building events. Each bike assembled by our team contributes to a tangible and lasting impact on the lives of at-risk and foster youth. Delivering these bicycles to those who need them most goes beyond the physical donation—it symbolizes the promise of a brighter future, increased independence, and the joy of exploration for each child.

Sharing Excess

Sharing Excess is a Philadelphia based non-profit committed to combating hunger and reducing food waste. Founded with a mission to redistribute surplus food to those in need, they proudly collaborate with organizations like Philabundance to make a meaningful impact in the community. PurePM contributes to Sharing Excess’s cause every year by loading and packaging donated produce, ensuring it reaches individuals facing food insecurity.

Riverfront North Partnership

Riverfront North Partnership is an organization dedicated to enhancing green spaces along the Delaware River in Philadelphia. PurePM participates in cleanup events and landscaping projects, contributing to the beautification and sustainability of our local environment.

Gift of Life Howie’s House

Gift of Life Howie’s House is a nonprofit dedicated to providing housing and support services for families of children undergoing organ transplants. Our team has baked goods during the holiday season for families staying at Howie’s House, providing comfort and a sense of home during a challenging time.

Diversify workforce

Hire a more diverse workforce. We know we can and must improve in this area.

Minority firm mentorship

Provide support and mentorship to a minority-led firm around project management and running a business at large.

Increase participation

Encourage diversity, equity and inclusion on the projects we work on.

Early exposure

Partner with high schools to provide early exposure and opportunity in the design and construction fields.