Together we can build a better future.

The lack of participation and equity within the construction and project management industry is profound. Urgent change around resourcing, education, opportunities and is needed. Pure PM is committed to doing our part to spark change within our own firm and the industry at large. 

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

PurePM’s mission is to develop, promote and manage a work culture that values diversity, inclusion, and equity beyond the organization and into the network of stakeholders we partner with to perform at our highest potential. PurePM will champion fair and just treatment of historically disadvantaged populations through greater access and advocacy.

We don’t want to just build projects and buildings.  We want to build generational progress.  Our goal is to help break down those barriers and provide mentorship and guidance to those less fortunate, just as the fortunate have provided to us.  Hopefully, our efforts will inspire others to do the same.

Our Commitments to Inclusion

Diversify workforce

Hire a more diverse workforce. We know we can and must improve in this area.

Minority firm mentorship

Provide support and mentorship to a minority-led firm around project management and running a business at large.

Increase participation

Encourage diversity, equity and inclusion on the projects we work on.

Early exposure

Partner with high schools to provide early exposure and opportunity in the design and construction fields.